Family Law

Our strategy ultimately depends on the client's wishes. We strive to be accessible and responsive, and we remind our selves that behind each "case" is a family struggling to heal and recover. Our focus is on protecting you. Together, we can take action to safeguard your future. Our approach is highly personalised cost effective and professional. We understand the value of dependability,trust and going the extra mile when others are depending on you. We R & J legalservices prepared to go that extra mile. The message from our family law solicitor is: We won't let you down-your worries are our worries. We are here to help. We can help you with all aspect of family law such as:

  • Divorce-Property Settlement
  • Spousal Maintenance (Partner Maintenance)
  • De-Facto Relationships
  • Children Issues
  • Parenting Issues-Child Support
  • Binding Financial Agreements (Pre-nuptial agreements)
  • Violence Restraining Orders-Misconduct Restraining Orders
  • Marriage-Separation
  • Guardianship
  • Access to Children-Relocation
  • Visitation rights
  • Family law
  • Custody of Children


Conveyancing is the transfer of any real property from one name to another. R & J legal services carry out conveyancing of residential, vacant land,houses,units,apartments,commercial properties etc...,in state of Victoria.

Selling a property

A buyer of your property will require from you a vendors statement,also known as sec 32 statement which provides relevant information about your property that a buyer needs to be aware of. We carefully prepare this with consultation of you. In urgent circumstances we can have this statement prepared in less than two hours by special request.

Once you have sold your property we coordinate the entire process for you right through to settlement and distribution of funds.

Purchasing a property

Before you purchase a property we recommend that we look through the sec 32 statement and contract of sale before you sign it.

We R & J legal services do not charge separately for each and every service. We charge you just all inclusive fee. 

Estate Planning

We can help you with your estate planning needs whether you have children or not,single,married,divorced,widowed or have another situation,we can help you with probate avoidance and estate planning to ensure your wishes are clearly stated and met.

Litigation- Commercial/General

We can help you with matters related to Commercial and general Litigation.

VCAT Matters

We can represent you in all VCAT matters pertaining to Building/Civil and Rental